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Friday Nights! Arts and Crafts


Austin17House offers hands on opportunities for youth and families to try new things, be creative and learn skills. Thanks to generous donations from community members we have acquired quite a bit of items to play with. Sowing machines, paints, cases, quilting material, ornaments and more.

Craft nights are open for the whole family and starts promptly after dinner at 7PM. Some of our craft nights have included tie-dyed t-shirts, bandanas, painted pots, ornaments and more! Interested in donating? Or sharing your own DIY craft, reach out to us!

A love of creating has surprisingly positive effects on your health. - MiNDFOOD

There are more benefits of arts and crafts than just enjoyment, ranging from enhancing self-esteem and increasing brain productivity to even lessening the effects of serious health conditions.

Check out the 6 benefits of Arts and Crafts according to MiNDFOOD:

Stress relief

When you become immersed in creating art, your mind is able to break away from pressing or distracting thoughts and really focus on the task at hand.

Confidence boost

Seeing the finished work of your creative venture provides a burst of self-esteem that brightens the mood by increasing the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Increases empathy

Learning about art and engaging in art has the ability to change the way you think and feel.

Improves quality of life for those with illness

The Connection Between Art, Healing and Public Health also found that people with debilitating illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s showed “improved medical outcomes” after creating art.

Enhances brain productivity

By creating art, you strengthen the connectivity between the brain’s left and right hemispheres, in doing so boosting psychological resilience and productivity.

Lessens effect of serious health conditions

Researchers found that the medium had multiple positive effects on those suffering from major health concerns

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