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2023 GOALS

To raise $250,000 and expand our reach in programming to youth and families in our communities. This expanded programming will give youth hands-on opportunities to try new things and/or build upon existing creative skills. These goals will require us to hire more staff and mentors and create an ongoing holistic alternative to mental health care and hospitalization. We will be able to continue to provide a safe place for after school activities and programming that build creativity, confidence and resilience. Due to environmental stressors, supporting youth who suffer from suicidal ideation, self-harming behaviors, and substance misuse is greater than ever.


Austin17House is a 501c3 non-profit center!

Through community support and fundraising efforts we have been able to provide a safe place for youth and families to enjoy life, provide meals and educational workshops surrounding suicide prevention, mental health and substance prevention for FREE!


Our goal is to continue providing these opportunities while raising additional money to open up extended hours that includes an after school program during the week.


Currently, there are no after school programs similar to what A17H offers in our surrounding communities.

Support our youth and families through personal and individual donations, business sponsorships, and charitable giving.

Ways to support us...

Monthly + Annual Sponsorships

Sponsor a youth or family to participate in our programs!

College + Trade Exploration

Our college and trade exploration program partners high school seniors and young adults with college and trade opportunities year round. 



Use your advertising dollars to sponsor your community and build relationship!

Fundraising Committee

Our fundraising committee works to raise funds, spread the mission and vision of Austin17House, identify and partner with local donors, charitable organizations and host events to bring funds in to support our mission here at Austin17House!


Use our Amazon Smile link while shopping and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to Austin17House at no extra cost to you.

Wish List and Needed Items

Donate items directly from our amazon wish list to support your local community.

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