Wednesday + Friday Nights 6-9PM

Programs include music, visual arts, arts and crafts, theatre, improv, multi-media, beauty and metal working!

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Wednesday + Friday Nights 6-9PM

Our Creative Arts Program invites youth to participate in their desired program to develop new skills or build upon existing skills. These programs enforce creativity, confidence and resilience in the youth who participate. 


Trained Musicians lead youth through exploration and instruction in a variety of musical instruments along with voice lessons. In turn, the participants are able to decide how far they want their instruction to go.


A theatre workshop for students with or without experience in the performing arts. Classes will include stage techniques, character development, improvisation, theatre games, scenes and monologues.



Participants of the Fine Art program will have the opportunity to explore different mediums while being guided by a professional artist. Youth will be able to sketch, draw, paint, and sculpt. The only thing missing is your child’s creative vision.


Young adult volunteers and mentors work together to learn the basic skills of videography, photography and podcasting.

Metal working

Expand your creative and artistic gifts by sculpting, shaping and hammering metal into your desired work of art. Youth will work alongside our young adult volunteer to learn and apply the basic skills of metal working.



Makeup lessons and basic beauty classes are available to those who are interested in learning the art of beauty and makeup. Work alongside local professionals in the field of makeup, esthetics and cosmetology.


Coming soon...

At the Austin17House we care about the overall health and wellness of all the individuals who come in through our doors. Our Wellness and Recreational Program will offer youth an opportunity to build upon or learn new skills in sports and recreation, while learning the core principles of exercise, cooking and overall wellness.

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