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Recovery is a daily battle but with intention and connection it is a battle we can win together.

- Jessie, Fight Club Director

Fight Club 17 is a community of young people seeking recovery and who are willing to fight for their lives. We are a safe haven and supportive environment for young people to progress in their recovery and find pathways to healing. 


This program is a central location for the youth recovery community to support each other through their journeys and seek additional support when needed.

Image by Anthony Fomin

This is the class that is missing from our schools, everything we don't teach our children yet they are expected to know.

Our program offers classes on basic “Adulting 101” and Self Discovery education, on various topics relating to mental health and addiction, building healthy habits and routines, communication skills, navigating relationships, setting boundaries, spirituality, mediation, gardening, thinking for change, fitness, meal prepping, recovery coaching and support groups.

Learn self-love by implementing self-discipline.
Find what lights up your life.
Choose authenticity.


Drop-In Hours

Tuesday - Thursday 11AM-3PM


Group Programming

Our location is within the Austin17House, which gives us access to endless alternative activities and programs and ways to build passion, creativity, and community.

Together, the opportunities are endless!

Come drop by for one of the Adulting 101 or Self Discovery groups or for just a place to find community and resources. 


There are no fees associated with our program or services  $$



Jessie, Director of Fight Club 17  

+ Austin17House Diversion Coordinator

Jessie is a confident and resilient individual who has overcome addiction, finding both recovery and herself.  It has since been her passion to bring this hope to others who need support. She will be working with the Austin17House as an onsite Certified Recovery Support Worker and Masters level Social Worker.

This partnership has also opened up doors to partner with Chucky's Fight, a non profit that helps those in need of recovery services get the support and resources they need. Thank you Jessie and Chucky's Fight for helping us create a program that supports our neighbors, family, and community. 



The Fight Club is in honor of Chucky’s Fight and is a place that will turn no one away. Integrity over everything. We will continue to do Chucky’s work through advocacy and scholarships for people seeking sober living. We will always be a resource for people that don’t have any. We will continue to be a voice for the voiceless and a power for the powerless. We will continue to fight the broken system and fight for our community. Together, we are the rebellion. Now, let's rise up and let’s fight!

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