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Alternative Learning Environment Pilot Coming to Brentwood NH


Alternative Learning Environment Pilot Coming to Brentwood NH

Brentwood, NH, March 27th, 2024 – Liberty Tree Learning Centers NH is pleased to announce their recent collaboration with Austin17House to launch an alternative day program for children.

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that New Hampshire parents are seeking out an alternative option to public schools. One reoccurring issue we hear, however, is that in today’s economic situation, parents can’t always give up one of their incomes to homeschool their children. We aim to help those parents.”

- Megan Schmitt, Chair, Liberty Tree Learning Centers NH

"The social, emotional, and financial challenges facing our youth and families today are overwhelming. Traditional systems often fall short in their attempts to provide students and families with the tools they need to overcome these daily, real-life struggles. Seeing children and families grappling with the reality of mental health issues, substance misuse, and socioeconomic disparities has made it increasingly evident that there is an urgent need for alternative learning environments with resources that will support these families so children can be prosperous in life".

- Lindsey Messina, Executive Director Austin17House

In collaboration with one another, we believe that we can provide an environment for youth to:

Build confidence in mastering foundational skills.

Build creativity through the implementation of creative arts.

Build resilience through physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Together, Austin17House and Liberty Tree Learning Center NH are looking forward to building community, support systems, and hope in Southern NH.

For inquiries, please contact:

Lindsey Messina, Executive Director


Megan Schmitt, Chair

Liberty Tree Learning Centers NH

About Austin17House:

Austin17House is a youth and family community center located in Brentwood NH. Their mission is to build confidence, creativity, and resilience in the youth and families in our communities. They do this by providing a safe place to drop in, make friends, and get a free meal 4 days a week.

About Liberty Tree Learning Centers NH:

Liberty Tree Learning Centers is dedicated to making home education easier for parents by providing multiple programs to choose from, and a flexible schedule allowing for regular work hours. We believe in a back-to-basics education with life skills, building confidence, and learning that never ends!

When our children flourish, America flourishes.

Learn more: 

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