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Stress Less: Tools for the Family

Austin17House is kicking off the first Friday of every month with Family Focus Fridays! Our goal is to provide education and tools to empower families in our communities. To be proactive in facing everyday challenges and creating a positive community culture. This weeks topic: Stress Less: Tools for the Family


Having health consciousness skills enables us to create an environment that fosters positivity and resilience. Your home should be your sanctuary, right? In a perfect world, it would be a place where you could retreat from the stresses of daily life to relax and rejuvenate. The reality is that sometimes a house can actually cause us to experience unwanted stress, adding to our already pressure-filled lives. Stress is a daily part of life. In fact, national studies have shown increases in depression, sleep, fatigue, stress, suicide rates and alcoholism. Whatever personal or societal factors that may be contributing to the this, it is important that we practice healthy coping and resiliency skills at home. Healthy coping skills can promote happiness and better adjustments for everyone involved, while supporting the formation of critical habits and skills in children. Resilience is about preparing for and learning from adversity. Most of life’s problems are not sudden and overt. They are small daily irritations, or triggers, that over time cause strain and exhaustion. Having health consciousness skills enables us to create an environment that fosters resilience, making it far more likely that we’ll be resilient when difficulties arise. Parents know that changing a child’s behavior, let alone their own, can be challenging. By taking small, manageable steps to a healthier lifestyle, families can work toward meeting their goals to be psychologically and physically fit. The Seacoast Public Health Network, Austin17House and OWLS are partnering up to bring healthy and positive solutions to New Hampshire. Empowered Health Consciousness (HC) and Resilience work together to create a culture of awareness and learning in which people respond to adversity with resilience. Objectives: 1) Identify personal sources of stress, signs of strain, and discern effective from ineffective coping strategies 2) Recognize different levels of coping, including adapting, resilience, and thriving 3) Identify personal triggers associated with potential loss of health consciousness and risk for substance misuse or relapse 4) List healthy alternatives for dealing with various risks, including pain, anxiety, tension, and sleeplessness What to expect? This will be an experiential workshop. We will have a time for open discussion to talk about cultures role in stress and our role as individuals in the home in relation to stress. Youth and adults will be invited to separate into two groups, youth and adults. Each group will discuss current stresses we deal with in life, and how we currently cope with these stresses. There will also be a time to discuss what healthy coping skills we can use to help support a positive culture within the home and in our daily lifestyles.

RSVP HERE **A17H is open for youth to play games and have fun during family focused sessions. Join us for games and dinner after the training!

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