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BRENTWOOD, N.H. — Hundreds of people showed up Saturday morning in Brentwood for the "Ride Against Opioids” to support the fight against the state’s drug crisis.

The ride was held in memory of Taylor Rose Nelson and Austin Anderson, who were killed in a crash last year.

"That was incredible. That's an incredible tribute to these kids that lost their lives tragically. It's absolutely incredible to see people stand up and do something about what we are looking at going forward,” Mark Anderson said.

"To have everyone come together, it’s just one big happy family here,” Vicki Nelson said.

Both Anderson and Nelson lost their teenage children in the December car accident and are now pushing forward, organizing the "Ride Against Opioids" to bring awareness to New Hampshire's drug problem.

"It's just a wonderful event. We have over 150 registered bikes, so it's great. I’m so happy today," Nelson said.

Proceeds from the event benefit the Austin17 House, a place for people to gather, build life skills and avoid becoming the next drug crisis victim.

"We will be your hope. We will be the light you see at the end of the tunnel. We will brighten your lives. We will give you the tools. We will show you the other people that are fighting the way you are to take care and develop your children,” Anderson said.

"They think there's no hope. There is hope. Things like this, events like this. We are here to support people like that so we want everyone to come one, come all,” Nelson said.

The community showed up strong, raising thousands of dollars to help the Granite State battle back against the crisis.