Extended Learning Program Coordinator

Job Description: We are looking for an organized and detail-oriented person to run our  Extended Learning Program. You will undertake a variety of administrative and program management tasks as well as help in planning and organizing programs and activities. You will help generate programming that will assist high school students in earning extra credits as well as gain experience in various skills.  Time commitment is flexible based on personal schedule.  Future grant proposals will be applied for to achieve monetary compensation for this current volunteer position.


  • Planning and coordination of extended learning programs and its activities

  • Ensuring implementation of policies and practices

  • Recruitment of Teachers and Mentor Volunteers to work with youth


Fundraiser Coordinator

Job Description: We are looking for someone who is energized and organized to make a difference in our community and help raise funds to meet the needs of our organization. As the Coordinator you will plan and oversee  events and campaigns. Time commitment is flexible based on personal time schedule.


  • Finalize marketing and donor packets

  • Research, identify and contact prospective donors

  • Create a strong fundraising message that appeals to potential donors

  • Organize campaigns and events that will lead to soliciting donations

  • Maintain records of donor information for future use

  • Evaluate the success of previous fundraising events


Volunteer Coordinator

Job Description: We are looking for a competent Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and manage volunteers.  You will be responsible for allocating responsibilities and retaining the best people. You should know how to distinguish talent and do everything possible to motivate and inspire.  You must have organizational skills and ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and experience.  The goal is to ensure that our organization is always staffed with the best and most reliable individuals. Time commitment: 15 hours weekly.  


  • Source and recruit volunteers through various techniques(data base, email, social media)

  • Collect information on availabilities and skills

  • Arrange for appropriate training when needed

  • Produce schedules for Teen night, Adult Night

  • Assign responsibilities to volunteers for special events

  • Coordinate sub-committee of volunteers

  • Communicate frequently with volunteers to ensure they are satisfied and well placed

  • Disseminate information for upcoming actions and events

  • Keep detailed records of volunteers’ information and assignments


Thank you for your interest in being part of Austin17House' volunteer team. Without your support all of this would not be possible.