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Gift Card Fundraiser Winners!

Winners of the previous week will be posted every Sunday.

Prizes will be mailed to the winners.

December 1st-5th Winners:

1. Christopher L. from Seabrook, NH
2. Linda H. from Exeter, NH
3. Sue H. from Hampton Falls, NH
4. Jennifer D. from Sandown, NH
5. Laura M. from Fremont, NH

December 6th-12th Winners:

6. Eileen B. from Lee, NH
7. Denise O. from Exeter, NH
8. Chris L. from Kingston, NH
9. Kathy R. from Fremont, NH
10. Lisa C. from N. Hampton, NH
11. Becky H. from Fremont, NH
12. Laurie S. from Kensington, NH

December 27th - 31st Winners:


27. Danielle K. from Danville, NH
28. Janice J. from Fremont, NH
29. Susan F. from Candia, NH
30. Glenn C. from -
31. Judy H. from Newfields, NH


December 13th-19th Winners:

13. Karen S. from Exeter, NH
14. Amanda F. from Newmarket, NH
15. Tom C. from -
16. Beverly G. from Fremont, NH
17. Sherri E. from South Portland, ME
18. Susan H. from
19. Maria M. from Hampton Falls, NH

December 20th - 26th Winners:

20. Marlene B. from Rochester, NH
21. Renda B from Rochester, NH
22. Roy H. from Brentwood, NH
23. Paula B. from Brentwood, NH
24. Linda H. from Exeter, NH
25. Michelle S. from Brentwood, NH
26.  Lucie C. from Brentwood, NH