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Our Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors consists of community members, advocates, professionals and impacted family members. We are very blessed to have such a passionate team of individuals serving with us. 



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Laura Messina
Vice President

Laura Messina is a co-owner of Royalt Car Wash & Detail Center along with her husband Brian. Her successful background in business management allows her to be an asset to the current Board of A17H.  She is passionate about helping youth and families successfully support one another as they move through life together.  
Raising her own family of 5 children and losing her brother in an accident involving alcohol helped her in becoming one of the co-founders of Austin17house.

If you ever have the chance to come visit, you can typically find her in the kitchen, organizing the pantry, breaking down boxes and sweeping the floors. There is no task too small.
Never, Never, Never give up is her mantra as she steers through life. She enjoys skiing, time with family and biking. 

Laura Messina
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Michelle Siudut

Michelle is mom to one amazing college-aged daughter. Michelle's day jobs include a window film company and also a summer camp. She has enjoyed volunteering most of her adult life. Having experience with non-profits, and being a resident of Brentwood, when Austin17House moved in "right around the corner" it seemed a natural fit. "It's been incredible to watch the growth of Austin17House over the last 4 years. The people involved are committed and such a blessing to our community. It's an honor to be a part of this team."

Michelle Siudut
Amanda Bailey
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Amanda Bailey



Rick Jewell
Board Member

Rick has been in the IT industry for over 25 years and is currently working for one of the world’s top technology companies as a Support Manager.


Rick was also co-owner of a Security company teaching local church security members on safety and security measures. Rick has also published a Microsoft Step by Step book called “Groove 2007”.  Rick has been married to his wife for 31 years and is an empty nester now. In his free time, he enjoys cooking with his wife, photography, working out and reading. 

Rick Jewell
Derrek Perreault

Derrek Perreault Board Member

Derrek currently serves as a lead music mentor, grounds keeper and lead role model at the Austin17House. He was fortunate to stumble upon this place after his cousin, and current music mentor Andrew invited him. After a few weeks of checking the place out and playing a few rounds of pool, he put his gifts and talents to good use, joining the Austin17House as a music mentor to teach drumming, bass and music theory. 

 In 2016 Derrek graduated from Timberlane Regional High School and went right into the labor field working as an equipment operator and lineman for JCR. Over the years he has worked for many different excavation companies and hopes to have his own business one day. 

When we asked Derrek what Austin17House means to him he shared, "An opportunity to impact youths lives for the better, to help them with their everyday lives and to make a difference". 

Derrek brings his on the ground perspective to the board, ensuring that the decisions made will benefit and support the current youth and families that we serve.  

Derrek Perreault
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