In January of 2017 our team here at Austin17House had a plan, passion and desire to make a difference in our communities after losing our friend, cousin, nephew, son, brother, Austin Anderson. 

Our team spent many weeks together hashing out ideas and meeting community folks working on the frontline for our youth and families. On March 18 we opened our doors and shared our space with 200+ community members who all believed in Mark Anderson's vision. Marks vision to create a place where youth and adults can be strengthened in their identity, become strong leaders and be given the tools to build and achieve their dreams. 

A year later we've been able to successfully achieve this goal through community, building support systems and hope. 


We are currently open...


Wednesday nights from 6PM - 9PM for Middle + High School students. We offer tutoring, recreational activities, art and music workshops and more. 

Friday nights from 6PM - 9PM open to the public. The gym is open for recreational activities, game tables i.e. pool, ping pong, corn hole, arts + crafts, food and more.


Sunday nights from 4PM - 7PM Community and Casseroles. Come eat dinner with us and get to know your community center, potluck and family style. Every week we will share the meal of the week, sign up and check it out here