Austin17House & 4-H Collaboration

The mission of 4-H is to help youth acquire knowledge, develop life skills and form attitudes to enable them to become self directing, productive and contributing members of society. 4-H emphasizes the importance of involving youth in the learning process. We at Austin17House support this mission and are grateful to work collaboratively here in Rockingham County to Make A Difference for our youth and their communities.

The Rockingham Youth Leadership Team (YLT) currently resides in our facility!

To learn more, contact Dan Holdridge at

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About the Youth Leadership Team

The Youth Leadership Team (YLT) is a group of 4-H members who wish to take on a more active leadership role in the county.   They participate in key county events, such as Activities Day, Picnic in the Park, Favorite Foods, Stratham and Deerfield Fairs.  The Leadership Team also provides support to State Events such as Teen Conference and Teen Leadership Weekend.